What areas do you provide services to?

Jacksonville, including the Beaches, Ponte Vedra Beach, and St Augustine.

Do you give free estimates?

Yes. We will evaluate your requirements and give you a written competitive quote as soon as possible. Give us a call at 904-208-1000!

What type of warranties or guarantees do you offer with your services?

  • We honor all manufactory warranties.
  • On our services: 10 day, 100% Guarantee. We will always work with you to make sure you’re satisfied with our work. Please understand the volatile nature of computers, and that some problems can be recurring but not necessarily due to poor service on our part. For example some computers are re-infected with the same virus or spyware after a user repeats the same actions that got the system infected in the first place. If you have service performed and are not happy with the results we will always work with you to complete the job to your satisfaction.

Do you support products that weren't purchased from you?

Yes. We support products that were purchased from other manufactures or businesses. However warranties are not transferable.

How qualified are 5 STAR GEEKS technicians?

Our technicians typically have a minimum of 5 years computer repair & support experience and carry a variety of industry certifications from CompTIA, Microsoft, and Cisco. We encourage our technicians to participate in ongoing training and continuing education through online courses and at workshops as technology solutions are always evolving and advancing in our field.

Can a technician access my computer after the work is done or without my permission?

No, the connection to our system must be initiated by you the customer. Every time our experts access your computer, a program is temporarily installed to allow access. Once we are finished working, we log off the session and the program that allows access is completely removed from your computer.

How do I know that I need a new system?

Most users will purchase a new system when their current system is too old to upgrade or they don't want to spend more money on their current computer. The best reason to purchase a new system is because your current system is inadequate for your needs because it won't run the software you need it to run.

What operating systems do you offer training in?

We offer all Windows and Mac OS based Operating Systems covering basic functions and useful tips and tricks.

Where will the training session be held?

Training will be held at your convenience and in a location of your choice. We prefer to train you on your own computer rather than our because this is the computer that you will be doing your work on. Since you are already familiar with your computer, you will waist less time trying to figure it out and more time learning.

What are the chances that you will be able to recover my data?

Depending on the severity of the problem, chances of recovering the data vary.

What types of media can you recover data from?

We can recover data from IDE, EIDE and SCSI hard drive assemblies.

Will I be able to transfer files from one computer to another in my network?

Yes. By using the built-in functions of Windows or Mac OS, you will be able to share files between computers connected to your network.

Can I share my incoming internet connection with other computers on my network?

Yes. Connecting your incoming internet connection up to a home router, you will be able to access the internet from any computer that is on the network.

Can I share my printer with more than one computer?

Yes. This can be accomplished many different ways. You can share the printer from within windows, purchase a network compatible printer, or purchase a router with a print server.

Is a wireless network safe?

Yes, but the network and the computers that are on the network have to be configured correctly for it to be safe. On the wireless station, WEP (Wireless Encryption Protocol) can be used to encrypt the signal that is being sent and received. On the network computers, passwords and permissions should be setup.

Can you troubleshoot an existing small network?

Yes. We can troubleshoot most home and small business networks even if we did not originally install it.
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